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Marcelo G. Ferreira
Marcelo G. Ferreira, CEO Fertrading Group


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Marcelo G Ferreira, President & CEO
Marcelo G. Ferreira
President & CEO

As the President & CEO of Fertrading Group, I invite you to discover how our services can benefit your import and export departments.

We are a different kind of trading company. We believe that transparency and clarity are the key ingredients to building long-lasting business relationships. We focus attention on every detail of every import and export transaction. This effort ensures that the best products are delivered on time and at the best price. We introduce our buyers and sellers to each other including their capabilities. Using this information, our buyers and sellers make intelligent buy/sell decisions. In order to limit risk, we charge a performance based commission for our services. Our buyers realize the lowest possible price for the highest quality products.

We continue to invest in new and innovative technologies. Our Virtual Bridge Communications and Intelligent Market Research systems increase our capability to more quickly complete import and export transactions. Our online Learning Research Center allows us to train our people in the field and quickly adapt to the frequent and rapid change in the world of global business.

We are growing! We are increasing our trade network and account representatives to capture business in new and emerging markets. To meet this growing demand for our services, we actively recruit and train the best people in cities around the globe. Our sales training programs prepare our recruits to connect your company to new customers, increased sales, and ultimately higher profit margins. We actively search the globe for vendors with modern facilities, highly trained low cost labor, and high quality materials and manufactured products for your import departments.

Discover how we can benefit your import and export departments. I invite you to contact me or one of our representatives listed on our Contact Us page today!


Marcelo G. Ferreira
President & CEO
Fertrading Group