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Fertrading Group - Import and Export ExpertsFertrading Group Since 1995

Fertrading Group is an industry leading International Trade and global sourcing company. Since 1995, we have focused on building strong, long-lasting business relationships between international companies to import and export their products.

Attention To Detail

Our success can be attributed to the focus and attention that our teams of experts give to every detail in the complex world of international trade. Our investments in technology break down the many barriers to trading diverse products in distant locations around the globe. We have mastered import and export trading regardless of the distance & time zone differences, language barriers, and complex trade law restrictions. We are sensitive to varied business cultures of our buyers and our sellers.

New Trade Concept Trade

Transparency is the key ingredient of our New Trade Concept. Our contracts create total transparency between all parties involved in every transaction. Our buyers and sellers know each other’s capabilities and the real transaction price. We believe transparency builds mutual trust.

Extension of your Import & Export Departments

Our offices in the United States, Brazil, and China; along with our representatives located in cities around the globe are ready to connect you to preferred vendors and new customers. We can locate vendors with modern facilities, highly trained low cost labor, and high quality materials and manufactured products for your import departments. Your export departments can utilize our network of representatives to present your products in new and emerging markets around the globe.

Broad Product Experience

We have experience importing and exporting a wide variety of products. We have helped imported or exported chemicals & petrochemicals; furniture; office equipment; custom-made private labeled industrial machines; metal working tools; textiles; agricultural products; food production equipment; steel and other metals; fabricated and milled metal fittings; and various types of pipe.

Thank You

We invite you to learn more about our services by watching our import and export service videos. Thank you for visiting our website. We look forward to hearing about your company and how we can serve your import and export needs.