New Trade Concept
Export Services

We have a large and growing network of representatives who are located in new and emerging markets around the globe. They understand the local business culture; speak the local language dialects, understand the export legal requirements, and have established business & government contacts.

In order for us to represent your products, one of our representatives develops a profile of your company and the products that you want to export. The representative submits this information into our Virtual Bridge Communications system; also known as VBC. The system automatically notifies our US office that a request for representation has been submitted for review.

Our US based researchers review this information and conduct research to determine if there is demand for your products in our represented markets. Upon a successful review, they upload the information including your company information and capabilities, product descriptions and other downloadable files such as multi-language brochures and presentations. If available, they upload product training files to our online learning resource center. VBC automatically notifies our representatives when this new information is available for their review.

Working with our market research team in the US, each representative creates a list of current customers and a list of companies that would have an interest in your products. Then, they contact the companies to schedule product presentations. Initial orders are placed in VBC, which automatically notifies you and our US order processing and management team. We monitor the orders until they arrive at their destination.

We hope that this overview of our export business process answers all of your questions. Please select the Contract Us link and complete the form to have one of our representatives provide you with further details.