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Import Services

Import Services ProcessWe have a large list of pre-qualified and inspected vendors that can provide you with high quality, low cost import products. However; if needed, we will locate vendors that can deliver your order of high quality products at the lowest competitive price. We have a proven business process for importing products that provides us with the fastest and most reliable import service.

First, one of our representatives meets with you and reviews your order requirements and product specification. We must possess an exact knowledge of your company and your order. The representative uploads your information including your product specification into our secure Virtual Bridge Communications system; also known as VBC. The system automatically notifies our US office that a request for quote has been submitted for their review.

Using our existing vendor list, our US based researchers review the order and prepares your quote. If needed, they use our Intelligent Market Research system to locate vendors in Asia and South America that can fill your order. Using VBC, they assign our representatives in China and/or Brazil to complete the research. These representatives schedule appointments for onsite inspections at several vendor locations. The quote that is submitted to you includes evidence that is used to make specific vendor recommendations.

Their inspection report and quote are uploaded to the VBC which automatically notifies our US representatives for their review. They further develop the quote and recommendations based on the numerous research scores such as price, quality assurance, company size, capabilities, and vendor experience. When the quote is completed, they upload the finalized quote to VBC which automatically sends the quote to you.

Upon your acceptance of a vendor, we order samples if necessary, or we place your initial order. Lastly, we follow the order from submission until it arrives at your location.

We hope that this overview of our import business process provides you with the information that you need. Please select the Contact Us link and complete the form to have one of our representatives provide you with further details. Thank you for visiting our website. We look forward to hearing about your company and how we can serve your import needs.